Treasure Highlands

Welcome to Treasure Highlands!! We all love the Highlands Plateau and this special place often sends us back to a time when we spent time roaming the woods and fields as kids, when turning over rocks and logs could show us a whole other world right under our feet, and when the sight of a baby bird in a nest could show us the wonder and joy of life all around us.  Here at the Treasure Highlands website we hope to give you a chance to catch a glimpse of that feeling again.  Whether it is learning about your backyard and its birds, engaging with your kids and grandkids in fun citizen science activities through our K to Gray Challenge, or helping out one of the many groups working for the environment here in the Highlands Plateau, we think you will find something useful and interesting here. Get started by picking an area of interest below and welcome!!

Get Organized Citizen Science

Are you a natural helper and organizer?  Most of our local environmental and outdoor organizations can use your talents!  Edit a newsletter, design a website, serve on a board, or help organize an event.  Visit the Get Organized page.

Are you fascinated by science and how the world works?  There are many ways that you can help understand this incredible place by participating in citizen science projects big and small. Visit the Citizen Science page. 

Get Your Hands Dirty Programs

Do you like to get your hands dirty?  Planting trees, removing invasive plants, maintaining and building trails, and cleaning up are all things going on in the Plateau and we need your help! View the Volunteer Calendar.

The Highlands Plateau always has a lot of interesting, exciting, and relevant programs and events going on for folks of all ages.  And they all need you to attend.  It's a great way to learn about your world!  View the Programs Calendar.